Recent Work

Description Date Location
Provide counsel as part of company humane handling committee Nov 2017 WI
Acquire previously denied FSIS certification for beef exported to Japan/HK Oct 2017 UT
Conduct country/company risk assessments for Customs & Border Protection C-TPAT program Sep 2017 IL
Appeal refusal for importation of beef intestines from Costa Rica Aug 2017 TX
Write appeal of establishment suspension for humane handling Jul 2017 VT
Coordinate C-TPAT program for Customs & Border Protection validation Jun 2017 CO
Prepare poultry & pork industries for audit by China May 2017 Chile
Expert witness deposition on origin of Salmonella in illness outbreak Apr 2017 GA
Counsel US company on export of imported bovine gallstones to Singapore Mar 2017 UT
Provide counsel to US company on import strategy based on FSIS imports residue sampling paradigm Feb 2017 NJ
Humane handling enforcement review Jan 2017 NE
Provide information on China FDA restrictions of use of a veterinary drug to trade association Dec 2017 Chile
Provide a range of humane handling services to beef processor Nov 2016 WI
Appeal humane handling suspension by FSIS Oct 2016 OR
Provide regulatory counsel to law firm on international equivalence & audits Sep 2016 England
Appeal series of FSIS non-compliance records for beef processing Aug 2016 NE
Perform C-TPAT risk assessment of food exporter Jul 2016 Thailand
Brief congressional offices on FSIS catfish inspection issues Jun 2016 DC
Conduct humane handling audit & submit report to FSIS May 2016 NH
Work with Canadian Food Inspection Agency to change policy for stamping exported calf carcasses Apr 2016 Canada
Coordinate with APHIS on aquaculture foreign animal disease prevention Mar 2016 FL
Expert witness report on chicken Salmonella sampling Feb 2016 AL
Expert witness report on state "ag-gag" law Jan 2016 UT
Training in import requirements for export of poultry & pork to China & US Dec 2015 Chile
Perform humane handling audit & write report to satisfy FSIS regulatory action Nov 2015 NH
Supply chain security updates for importer for C-TPAT Oct 2015 IL
Provide instructions on best practices for compliance with meat inspection regulatory requirements Sep 2015 China
Training in equivalence requirements for export of raw beef to the US Aug 2015 Argentina
File successful appeal of denial of issuance of an export certificate to Japan Jul 2015 MN
Expert witness report on origin of Salmonella in poultry Jun 2015 CA
Develop corrective actions in response to suspension of operations for humane handling violation Jun 2015 TN
Provide humane handling regulatory guidance to a humane handling consulting company May 2015 IA
Expert witness report on regulatory inspection for epithelioma (cancer eye) in cattle Apr 2015 CA
Develop robust humane handling program & conduct humane handling audit Mar 2015 NH
Participate in writing/editing AVMA Guidelines for the Humane Slaughter of Animals Feb 2015 IL
Technical counsel on issuance of "in lieu of" export certificates by FSIS Jan 2015 UT
Establishment reviews for export certification to the US Dec 2014 Ireland
Report on USDA/FSIS inspection to Catfish Farmers of America Oct 2014 MS
Supply chain security review for imports Sep 2014 CO
Review of meat import equivalence laws for US Trade Representative Aug 2014 DC
Briefing on USDA/FSIS catfish inspection for US Senate agriculture committee staff Jul 2014 DC
Supply chain security risk assessments of foreign exporters Jun 2014 IL
Catfish USDA/FSIS inspection preparation for industry May 2014 MS
C-TPAT supply chain security system development Apr 2014 CO
Design national foodborne hazards monitoring & surveillance system Mar 2014 Qatar
Develop and record video for National Pork Board: humane handling of swine Feb 2014 IA
Exports of meat to foreign countries: training for US Department of Justice Jan 2014 UT
Process control systems development Jan 2014 GA
Beef slaughter & processing equivalence training Dec 2013 Ireland
C-TPAT security profile review Oct 2013 FL
Mexico-US import laboratory sampling pilot program proposal Sep 2013 DC
PEDv control program development Aug 2013 IA
HACCP program development Jul 2013 SC
Canada-Mexico-US import inspection co-ordination proposal Jun 2013 DC
Chemical residue avoidance consultation: American Meat Institute May 2013 DC
Supply chain security consultation Apr 2013 IL
T-TIP consultation: EU delegation Mar 2013 DC
Food safety consultation for business expansion Feb 2013 NV
International equivalence consultation: Mexican delegation Jan 2013 GA
Codex consultation: Pathogen Reduction Treatment Dec 2012 DC
Customs & Border Protection C-TPAT certification Nov 2012 MD
Equivalence consultation & facility/process review Oct 2012 Spain
Regulatory Co-operation Council Import-House proposal Sep 2012 DC
STEC beef sampling consultation Aug 2012 FL
International trade consultation: French delegation Jul 2012 DC
Import assistance and C-TPAT certification Jun 2012 IL
International trade consultation: Chinese delegation May 2012 TX
International trade and food safety consultation: ASEAN delegation Apr 2012 DC
Poultry equivalence training Mar 2012 China
Codex consultation: beta-agonists Feb 2012 CO
International trade consultation: China poultry Feb 2012 AZ
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