Description Audience Date Location
FSIS Equivalence Requirements for Imported Siluriformes Catfish Farmers of America Annual Convention Feb 2017 Orange Beach AL
USDA-FSIS Catfish Inspection Regulatory Requirements Catfish Farmers of America Board of Directors Oct 2016 Stoneville MS
Private Sector Best Practices for Compliance with Meat Inspection Regulations U.S.–China Meat Product Safety Seminar Sep 2016 Beijing China
Status of Catfish Inspection in Congress The Catfish Institute Board of Directors Aug 2016 Jackson MS
The Approval Process for Poultry Products for the U.S. Market China-U.S. Poultry Summit May 2016 Shenyang China
Catfish Inspection Implementation Catfish Farmers of America Annual Convention Feb 2016 Nashville TN
Meat and Poultry Import requirements for the United States and China Intecar/Asprocer & Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero Dec 2015 Santiago Chile
Equivalence Processes for Export of Meat to the United States Danish meat industry delegation Nov 2015 Washington DC
American Meat Inspection and Quarantine Ghana Animal Agriculture Delegation Oct 2015 Washington DC
Private Sector Best Practices for Compliance with Meat Inspection Regulations and Oversight World Meat Industry Development Conference Sep 2015 Qingdao China
American Imported Meat Quarantine Policies US-China Meat Product Safety Seminar Sep 2015 Qingdao China
Requirements for Export of Raw Beef Products to the US Argentine Beef Promotion Institute & SENASA Aug 2015 Buenos Aires Argentina
The Trouble with Chicken: PBS Frontline Television News Program May 2015 Washington DC
Chasing Outbreaks: How Safe Is Our Food? – New York Times Retro Report On-Line News Program May 2015 Washington DC
USDA-FSIS Inspection Basics American Shrimp Processors Association Mar 2015 Biloxi MS
Beef Equivalence Requirements – USDA/FSIS Irish Food Board – Embassy of Ireland Feb 2015 Washington DC
The Politics of Poultry: The Stream – Al Jazeera America Cable Network News Program Aug 2014 Washington DC
Catfish Inspection by USDA/FSIS The Catfish Institute May 2014 Indianola MS
Principles for Development of a National Monitoring & Surveillance System Supreme Council of Health Mar 2014 Doha Qatar
Equivalence Requirements for Export of Beef to the United States Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine Dec 2013 Celbridge Ireland
Systematic Approach to Animal Welfare Animal Care & Handling Conference Oct 2013 Kansas City MO
Meat & Poultry Processing Inspection & Trade in the US Lithuanian International Food Manufacturing Team Jun 2013 Washington DC
International Production & Trade of Meat Cochran Program Turkish Government & Industry Delegation May 2013 Washington DC
Equivalence Issues – Learning from Experience International Production & Processing Expo Jan 2013 Atlanta GA
C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Importers Meeting Dec 2012 Chicago IL
International Beef Production & Trade French Beef Industry Delegation Nov 2012 Washington DC
Food Safety Inspection Cochran Fellowship Program Multi-National African Delegation Nov 2012 Washington DC
Equivalence to the US Inspection Program Spanish Pork Packers & Processors Oct 2012 Burgos Spain
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Safeguards by the United States Taiwanese Government Delegation on BSE May 2012 Washington DC
Food Safety in the United States Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Delegation Apr 2012 Washington DC
Food Safety Inspection Systems China Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection & Quarantine (AQSIQ) Mar 2012 Qingdao China
The Role of the Food Safety & Inspection Service in International Trade North American Meat Processors Annual Convention Feb 2012 Tucson AZ

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