Dr. William James, Chief Consultant

Experience (36 years of professional experience)


  • Senior Executive Service in federal government
  • Chief Public Health Veterinarian in USDA/FSIS
  • Associate Administrator of International Operations in USDA/FSIS
  • Manager in the Operations, Policy, Science, and International Offices of USDA/FSIS
  • Senior Director of the National Residue Program, Pathogen Testing Programs, Risk Assessment Program
  • Director of the Recall Division in USDA/FSIS
  • Director of the US Codex Office


  • International negotiations of food safety standards and procedures, and trade pacts
  • Executive oversight of meat, poultry, and egg products inspection in one-third of the US
  • Executive oversight of humane handling at slaughter for the entire US
  • Development of inspection systems
  • HAACP controls for pathogens and chemical residues
  • Hazard Analysis Validation
  • Food Safety Assessments
  • Robust Systematic Humane Handling Programs


International Trade

  • Equivalence requirements
  • Supply chain security

Food Safety

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Systems development

Veterinary Medicine

  • Humane handling
  • Disease surveillance

Public Health

  • Zoonoses
  • Illness monitoring


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Louisiana State University

Master of Public Health

  • Johns Hopkins University
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