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Experience, expertise, and education combine to make William James & Associates a unique and powerful consulting firm. Our associates are skilled in facilitating international trade, with experience in over 45 nations. At your service are many years of leadership in developing and implementing international equivalence requirements. Using our proprietary risk assessment process, we help companies to meet their international supply chain security certification obligations. We have evaluated equivalence measures in nations around the globe, and trained and assisted governments, trade associations, and companies in meeting export requirements.

While in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we developed and implemented new food safety inspection systems and regulations, provided oversight to food safety inspection nationwide, and managed recalls of regulated products. Having developed many of today’s food safety regulations, we are uniquely qualified to teach our clients how to meet regulatory mandates. For regulatory compliance, you need consultants who have worked in slaughter and processing establishments, at the District level and in executive leadership positions in Washington. Whether the issue involves food safety regulations or humane handling laws, William James & Associates has been there and will lend you our experience.

Our clientele include companies small and large, and trade associations in the U.S. and around the globe, as well as government agencies in many countries. State attorneys general and law firms throughout the U.S. call on our company for expert witness reports and testimony.

Who better to help you meet USDA requirements – both in the international and domestic arenas – than the people who developed and implemented those policies? Your time, investment, and reputation are too important to trust to those whose experience, expertise, and education are less comprehensive. You worked hard to build your business. We will work hard to help you protect and expand it.

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